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Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching? 
The aim of the coaching service is to provide intensive support and consultation to senior managers on issues relevant to their professional development. The IPA Executive coaching service understands the challenges facing busy managers. Such challenges raise from managing stress issues, resolving conflict, problem solving and decision-making to crisis management, leadership, time management, presentation skills, managing meetings and career advancement.

Why Executive Coaching? 
Senior managers and directors are increasingly turning to one-to-one executive coaching, for help with performance issues, which affect themselves or their teams. Many people at the top of organisations have a sense of isolation. They may find it difficult in a public or organisational context to admit they have a problem or to ask for more help or support. Executive coaching provides an individual and confidential forum where they can explore these issues in safety and in a time effective manner. It provides a convenient and cost effective way to accelerate results and success.

Who can benefit? 

Senior Managers and Directors

How will it help you? 

This programme will help you meet your developmental needs through a series of individual and confidential coaching sessions with an experienced coach.

Choose coaching to:

  • Set targeted goals
  • Generate an action plan
  • Handle difficult situations
  • Improve communication skills
  • Manage teams
  • Work effectively with difficult personalities
  • Profile themselves and their work
  • Be seen as proactive and strategic Balance their life
  • Develop better time management

How will it help your organisation? 

The programme offers organisations the opportunity to enhance performance at senior management level.

How does the programme work? 

Introductory session
Participants engage in an introductory session in which they have the opportunity to raise issues of relevance to their role and effectiveness. They are invited to raise any issues, which they feel are affecting their job performance or personal well-being. They are assured of total confidentiality.

Follow through sessions 

In the follow through session, practical, long-term strategies for resolving issues will be discussed. Opportunities for accession appropriate support or resources will be explored. Useful materials, reading etc. will be provided to each participant. These sessions generally last between 1 to 1.5 hours. You will be supported through change and understand why inside-out work is necessary.

Panel of Coaches 

IPA has a panel of coaches who have experience of providing coaching to executive managers in the public service.


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