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Management Advisory Services

Have you a work challenge you would like some help or advice with?

Managers in the public or voluntary sector operate in a complex and demanding environment.  Anticipating and adapting to change has become increasingly important and providing an integrated public service is of more relevance now than ever.  Approaches to change and integration which achieve results and add value to organisation performance are required. If you have a work challenge or business problem requiring help, the Management Advisory Services of the IPA is a good place to start.

Our Experise

The IPA provides a range of tailored supports to public and voluntary sector managers by bringing in-depth expertise to bear on business problems.  In addition to our training, education and development services in the public sector, we also have a team of experienced specialists who provide support through all aspects of change or integration processes, from planning and design to implementation and evaluation. Whether you have a specific business need, want to solve a problem in a single unit or team, or require the expertise of our training and development specialists, you can benefit from our combined approach. We can work in partnership to identify the most appropriate approach.

We provide a portfolio of services and work with a wide range of clients across the public sector. 

Portfolio of Services

Strategic and Business Planning
The proof of good strategic planning is in how much of that plan is implemented. Developing sound, practical strategic plans through a collaborative and consultative approach is the first step in delivering results. Whether your plan is for your unit or your entire organisation we provide support and guidance.

Organisation Review and Business Process Improvement
With resources under pressure and a focus on value for money many organisations are looking to improve processes. Organisation review or process mapping is a good place to start. Identifying practical areas for improvement and implementing the required changes could benefit from our assistance.

Team Development
Is your team achieving its full potential? Would it help to assess your team effectiveness and identify areas for improvement? Team building, team working and developing team leadership are our areas of expertise. We work with teams at all levels in organisations from Senior Teams to Operational Teams.

Consultation and Facilitation
Delivering a customer-focused public service often involves consultation with staff and service users. In the public sector in particular there is a need to include clients in our planning and decision making processes. We have experience in designing and facilitating consultation processes for a variety of purposes as appropriate for your service.

Project Management
Project management is a proven methodology to help deliver projects, small or large, within timescale, on budget and to agreed quality standards. We consult with project managers or project teams to utilise project management methodology to its best effect. Assisting in any stage of the project lifecycle, from scoping projects through to planning, implementation, close out and evaluation can add value.

Collaborative Working
Delivering an integrated public service means working with people in different organisations and agencies as well as working across your own organisation. We work to build processes for collaboration including identifying stakeholders, clarifying roles and responsibilities, setting objectives and monitoring progress.

Evaluation involves assessing the impact of a programme or service and transferring that learning to future work. Evaluation is therefore central to demonstrating good governance and clear accountability. We provide a practical methodology to support managers and teams who are engaged in evaluation.

Why use the IPA?

Over the years, we have built up an unparalleled understanding of public sector organisations. As a non-profit organisation dedicated to the improvement of public management, we aim to provide value for money and to build the in-house capacity of the organisations we work with.

To speak with one of our Management Specialists, without obligation, and to learn more about specific clients and services, please contact the Training & Development Division’s Central Bookings Office on tel:01 240 3666 or email

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