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Combat Poverty Titles

Category: Combat Poverty Titles

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Poverty, Policy and Practice - Combat Poverty 1986-2009
Edited by: Joan O'Flynn. ISBN: 978-1-904541-84-4
Published: 2009/08/07. 112 pages. €20.00
More information/Order Welfare Policy and Poverty
ISBN: 978-1-904541-63-9
Published: 2007/17/10. 360 pages. €20.00
More information/Order DAY IN, DAY OUT - Understanding the Dynamics of Child Poverty
Richard Layte, Bertrand Maître, Brian Nolan and Christopher T. Whelan. ISBN: 978-1-904541-41-7
Published: 2006/14/09. 222 pages. €20.00
More information/Order Mapping Poverty: National, Regional and County Patterns
Dorothy Watson, Christopher T. Whelan, James Williams, Sylvia Blackwell. ISBN: 1-904541-25-9
Published: 2005/26/07. 231 pages. €20.00
More information/Order Poverty and Conflict in Ireland: An International Perspective
Paddy Hillyard, Bill Rolston and Mike Tomlinson. ISBN: 1-904541-22-4
Published: 2005/20/05. 248 pages. €20.00
More information/Order Sharing Household Resources - Learning from Non-Monetary Indicators
Sara Cantillon, Brenda Gannon and Brian Nolan. ISBN: 1-904541-10-0
Published: 2004/12/07. 87 pages. €8.00
More information/Order Housing, Poverty and Wealth in Ireland
Tony Fahey, Brian Nolan and Bertrand Maître.
Published: 2004/07/05 . 128 pages. €8.00
More information/Order Irish Social Expenditure in a Comparative International Context
Virpi Timonen. ISBN: 1-904541-01-1
Published: 2003/26/09. 74 pages. €8.00
More information/Order Data Sources on Poverty
Carmel Corrigan (editor) Eithne Fitzgerald, Jessica Bates and Anne Matthews. ISBN: 1-902448-90-1
Published: 2002/12/12. 78 pages. €5.00
More information/Order Against all odds Family Life on a Low Income in Ireland
Mary Daly and Madeleine Leonard. ISBN: 1-902448-87-1
Published: 2002/12/11. 258 pages. €18.00
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