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Category: Education

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MANAGING WORKPLACE CONFLICT: Alternative Dispute Resolution in Ireland
Paul Teague, William K. Roche, Tom Gormley, Denise Currie. ISBN: 978-1-910393-07-9
Published: 2015/12/02. 600 pages. €28.00
More information/Order Irish Higher Education: a Comparative Perspective
Patrick Clancy. ISBN: Patrick Clancy. ISBN 978-1-910393-04-08
Published: 2015/05/19. 368 pages. €28.00
More information/Order Education for Citizenship and Diversity in Irish Contexts
Gerry Jeffers and Una O'Connor (eds). ISBN: 978-1-904541-77-6
Published: 2009/19/01. 232 pages. €26.00
More information/Order Beyond Educational Disadvantage
Edited by: Paul Downes and Ann Louise Gilligan. ISBN: 978-1-904541-57-8
Published: 2007/18/09. 536 pages. €25.00
More information/Order National Teachers' Salaries and Pensions 1831-2000 -
A Historical Chronology and Review of the Role of the INTO

Michael Moroney. ISBN: 978-1-904541-42-4
Published: 2007/15/06. 407 pages. €35.00
More information/Order Primary Voices - Equality, Diversity and Childhood in Irish Primary Schools
Edited by: Jim Deegan, Dympna Devine and Anne Lodge. ISBN: 1-904541-17-8
Published: 2005/04/01. 288 pages. €30.00
More information/Order Investing in People Higher Education in Ireland from 1960-2000
Tony White. ISBN: 1-902448-55-3
Published: 2001/01/01. 321 pages. €30.47
More information/Order Irish Education history and structure
John Coolahan. ISBN: 0-906980-11-9
Published: 2000/01/01. 352 pages. €20.00
More information/Order A New Partnership in Education: from Consultation to Legislation in the Nineties
ISBN: 1-902448-10-3
Published: 1999/01/01. 240 pages. €21.59
More information/Order A Singular Pluralism: The European Schools 1984-1994
ISBN: 1-872002-97-8
Published: 1996/01/01. 160 pages. €12.70
More information/Order The Challenge of Change: Curriculum Development in Irish Post-Primary Schools 1970-84
ISBN: 0-906980-37-2
Published: 1984/01/01. 176 pages. €7.62
More information/Order
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