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Category: Law

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Social Inclusion and the Legal System: Public Interest Law in Ireland (2nd ed)
Gerry Whyte. ISBN: 978-1-910393-05-5
Published: 2015/07/16. 600 pages. €65.00
More information/Order An Introduction to Irish Planning Law (Second edition)
Dr Berna Grist. ISBN: 978-1-904541-16-5
Published: 2013/02/01. 224 pages. €30.00
More information/Order Deference and the Presumption of Constitutionality
Brian Foley, LL.B. (Dub), Ph.D. (Dub), B.L.. ISBN: 978-1-904541-76-9
Published: 2009/01/01. 448 pages. €80.00
More information/Order Criminal Justice in Ireland (reprinted 2008)
Edited by: Paul O'Mahony. ISBN: 978-1-902448-67-1
Published: 2008/02/01. 818 pages. €35.00
More information/Order Crime, Punishment and the Search for Order in Ireland
Shane Kilcommins, Ian O ’Donnell, Eoin O ’Sullivan, Barry Vaughan. ISBN: 1-904541-13-5
Published: 2005/01/01. 358 pages. €35.00
More information/Order Sanctuary in Ireland - Perspectives on Asylum Law and Policy
Edited by: Ursula Fraser and Colin Harvey. ISBN: 1-904541-04-6
Published: 2004/19/02. 280 pages. €35.00
More information/Order Journal of Valuation Tribunal Judgments: Volume II: July 1994 - December 1998
Desmond M. Killen, Brendan M. Williams. ISBN: 1-902448-18-9
Published: 1999/01/01. 447 pages. €190.46
More information/Order Journal of Valuation Tribunal Judgments: Volume I: September 1988-June 1994
Desmond M. Killen, Brendan M. Williams. ISBN: 1-872002-38-2
Published: 1996/01/01. 646 pages. €126.97
More information/Order The Constitution of Ireland 1937-1987
Frank Litton. ISBN: 0-906980-82-8
Published: 1988/01/01. 232 pages. €7.62
More information/Order The Office of the Attorney General
J.P. Casey. ISBN: 0-902173-91-X
Published: 1980/01/01. 256 pages. €15.24
More information/Order
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