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Research - CPMR Research Report Series

Category: Research - CPMR Research Report Series

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The Corporate Governance of Commercial State-owned Enterprises in Ireland
Muiris MacCarthaigh. ISBN: 978-1-90454-180-6
Published: 2009/06/03. 112 pages. €20.00
More information/Order The Corporate Governance of Regional and Local Public Service Bodies in Ireland
Muiris MacCarthaigh. ISBN: 978-1-904541-59-2
Published: 2007/29/08. 119 pages. €20.00
More information/Order Comparing Public Administrations
Richard Boyle.
Published: 2007/06/03 . 24 pages. €15.00
More information/Order Changing Local Government - A Review of the Local Government Modernisation Programme
Richard Boyle, Peter C. Humphreys, Orla O`Donnell, Joanna O`Riordan, Virpi Timonen. ISBN: 1-902448-98-7
Published: 2003/03/09. 199 pages. €15.00
More information/Order A QCS Mark for the Irish Public Service
Peter C. Humphreys, Michelle Butler, Orla C. O`Donnell. ISBN: 1-902448-54-5
Published: 2001/01/01. 119 pages. €13.97
More information/Order
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