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Ireland´s Public Service Development Agency
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State of the Public Service Series
Local Government Research
CPMR Papers & Reports
Research Reports Pre 1997
Working Papers

CPMR Papers & Reports

CPMR Discussion Papers

40 Understanding and Managing Organisational Culture

39 Public Service Values

38 A Review of Civil Service Grading and Pay Scales

37 Innovation in the Irish Public Sector Experience

36 Ageing in the Irish Civil Service: A Human Resource Management Response

35 Measuring Public Sector Productivity: Lessons from International

34 Cross Departmental Expenditure Reviews: Lessons from the pilot exercises

33 Public Service Decentralisation: Governance Opportunities and Challenges

32 Performance Verification and Public Service Pay

31 Regulatory Impact Analysis: Lessons From The Pilot Exercise

30 A Review of Knowledge Management in the Irish Civil Service

29 Civil Service Performance Indicators

28 E-Government and Organisation Development

26 Developing a Strategic Approach to HR in the Irish Civil Service

25 E-government and the Decentralisation of Service Delivery

24 Developing an Effective Internal Customer Service Ethos

23 Effective consultation with the external customer

22 Promoting longer-term policy thinking

21 Evaluation in the Irish Health Sector

20 Career Progression in the Irish Civil Service

19 The Effective Use of Competencies in the Irish Civil Service

18 A Review of Annual Progress Reports

17 A New Change Agenda for the Irish Public Service

16 From Personnel Management to HRM: Key Issues and Challenges

15 Performance Measurement in Local Government

14 Performance Measurement in the Health Sector

13 Service Planning in the Health Sector

12 Regulatory Reform: Lessons from International Experience

11 Improving Public Services in Ireland: A Case-Study Approach

10 Key Human Resource Management Issues in the Irish Public Service

9 Multi-Stream Structures in the Public Service

7 Improving Public Service Delivery

6 Governance and Accountability in the Civil Service

5 The Use of Rewards In Civil Service Management

4 Team-Based Working

3 Developing an Integrated Performance Measurement Framework for the Irish Civil Service

2 The Fifth Irish Presidency of the European Union

1 Evaluating Public Expenditure Programmes


CPMR Research Reports

10 Towards Better Measurement of Government: A Review of OECD Experience

9 The Corporate Governance of Commercial State-owned Enterprises in Ireland

8 The Corporate Governance of Regional and Local Public Service Bodies in Ireland

7 Comparing Public Administrations

6 The Corporate Governance of Agencies in Ireland (Non-commercial National Agencies)

5 Changing Local Government

4 A QCS Mark in the Public Service

3 Flexible Working in the Public Service

2 The Role of the Strategy Statements

1 Partnership at the Organisation Level in the Public Service

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