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Distance Education


The delivery of courses through distance education is a notable aspect of the IPA’s education and accredited training programmes. Distance education allows students master a subject and obtain a recognised qualification without having to make the work and lifestyle changes that a traditional, face-to-face education programme demands. For some, the pressures of work, family obligations or geographical location mean that attending weekly lectures is not a viable option. As distance students do not have to attend regular classes, they are essentially free to study and learn at a time that best suits them.

Distance education does places particular demands on students, and it is imperative that students appreciate what is required of them. Mastering a subject through distance education requires the development of specific study and management skills. These include planning, time-management, learning techniques and effective methods of self-assessment. The most successful distance education students are undoubtedly those who have taken the time to reflect on how they are going to manage their course and improve their study skills. Having to work alone, even with periodic contact with fellow students and lecturers, is a real challenge. It is, however, a challenge that our students consistently meet. Any difficulties encountered can be overcome. Furthermore, the skills that distance education requires generally prove to be of real benefit to students in all manner of future settings.

Many IPA programmes are delivered through distance education.

The IPA offers two variations of distance education/distance learning:

1. Distance Education

Distance education students follow the same syllabus, complete the same assignments, and sit the same exams as lecture students. They also receive precisely the same award. Distance education students also attend several weekend seminars and tutorials throughout the year at which they have the opportunity to review course material, ask questions, and meet their fellow students. Our records show that distance education students perform just as well as lecture students.

2. Accredited Training (Distance Learning Based)

Our accredited training programmes are offered on a distance learning basis.  Essentially these programmes differ from our full distance education programmes as there is a requirement to attend a number of day time workshops/tutorials at regular intervals over the duration of the programme. Workshops/tutorials are typically held at the IPA in Dublin and run from 9:30am to 5:00pm on the specific workshop dates. Dates will depend on the programme.

Students receive a distance learning pack at the commencement of the programme which includes course notes, recommended readings and course text (where applicable).  The purpose of the workshops is to bring the theory of the course notes to life through a combination of activities such as tutor and guest expert inputs, practical exercises, skills development and case studies.

The programme page you click on will provide the relevant information.

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