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International Services - What we do

A key feature of our services to international clients lies in our privileged access to Irish public sector experience and civil servants. Providing a gateway to the Irish model of governance and economic development, we facilitate the transfer of practical expertise, grounded in more than 30 years of EU membership and of significant processes of change, to partner countries and institutions pursuing similar reform and development agenda. In particular, we tend to focus on a number of key strategic topics where Irish experience is of relevance:

  1. Public Administration Reform In A Globalised World It is our firm belief that the work of government, including all aspects of public policy and public management, must increasingly be considered in a global context, where policies of governments in one region are evaluated and formulated in the light of the development of policies in other regions of the globe. This means that top public servants must be ‘policy literate’ at an international level and be familiar with experience and practice in comparator sectors and countries. In this context, the formulation and implementation of public policy in the European Union, United States as well as within Ireland and other individual European countries can significantly inform ongoing policy development and implementation in other regions, as well as supporting the objective of developing modern and responsive public administration.

    As an English speaking country situated between Europe and the United States, Ireland is uniquely positioned to act as a development hub for both emerging economies and countries in transition. This can be through focused development programmes and workshops on topics such as Strategic Management, Leadership, Project Management, Human Resources Management but also study visits and specific high level educational programmes which can also provide opportunities for engagement with an international faculty and an international cohort of students. Finally, interested governments may wish to access specific commissioned research on various aspects of government performance or best practice so as to assess progress against targets and to compare with experience in other countries.

    Example of a recent project in this area:
    Project Title: Technical Assistance to the Civil Servants' Agency and strengthening the implementation of the National System for Coordination of Training
    Project Details: The project provided targeted support to the Civil Service Agency and the broader civil service by helping to build its ability to manage human resources, including the management and co-ordination of training. Its aim was to ensure that the civil service has the capacity to deliver training that is appropriate to the needs of those working in a modern, progressive civil service, and that the CSA has the ability to implement priorities set out in the National System for Co-ordination of Professional Development and Training of Civil Servants and the Strategy for Training Civil Servants.
    Implementation Period: 5 October 2009 - 5 February 2011

  2. National and Regional Economic Development We provide tailor-made assistance in the field of National and Regional Economic Development, using Irish experience as a basis for our range of consultancy, high level advice and technical assistance in Management of EU Structural and Cohesion funds, National Development Plans, SME, Industrial Policy, Taxation issues etc;

  3. EU Integration Finally, we have maintained our presence in the field of EU integration notably through our flagship product, the Accession Programme, a multi-face training programme for Civil Servants of the new EU member states and EU accession countries on EU Affairs, EU Institutions and EU Common Policies. This programme has been delivered since 2002 in Dublin, Brussels and other European cities. We also offer dedicated assistance packages such as our EU Presidency Preparation Programme.

  4. In providing our services, the Institute works closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Irish Aid. We have also developed ongoing working relationship with the European Union and have provided services under the various assistance and development programmes for DG Enlargement (project work on the Phare, Cards, Meda and Tacis programmes), DG Development (project work on EDF funded programmes) and DG Personal and Administration (management training services for Commission officials in Brussels).

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