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An Introduction to Irish Planning Law (Second edition)

Author(s): Dr Berna Grist
ISBN: 978-1-904541-16-5
Publish Date: 2013/02/01
Pages: 224
Price: €30.00


Planning is an extremely complex area of the law, both because of its technical nature and as a result of the many amendments made recently to the four Planning Acts by Regulations introduced to ensure compliance with European environmental legislation.

The need for an introductory work to assist in understanding the Irish planning system has again become apparent. This completely revised second edition provides up-to-date coverage of the subject. It addresses in turn the hierarchy of spatial plans and policy instruments, applications, appeals, strategic infrastructure, exempted development, enforcement (incorporating changes to control of quarries and substitute consent), compensation and amenities. A complete chapter explains the basic principles relating to the conservation of the natural and the built environment, distinguishing the requirements of environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment and appropriate assessment. There are further chapters on unfinished housing developments and related areas of the law, including archaeological protection and the water services legislation.

The text is written in non-legal language but is fully referenced to the various sections of the Acts and Regulations, enabling any reader wishing to do so to find their way towards further and more detailed sources of information.

This book will constitute an invaluable resource for students and practitioners of planning and related disciplines, elected representatives, members of residents' and community organisations, indeed for anyone who wants to understand or participate in the planning process.


Table of Cases

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Development Plans
Chapter 3: Local Area Plans
Chapter 4: Regional Planning Guidelines
Chapter 5: Planning Policy and the Role of the Minister
Chapter 6: Planning Permission
Chapter 7: Appeals and Judicial Review
Chapter 8: The Application for Strategic Infrastructure
Chapter 9: Strategic Development Zones
Chapter 10: Exempted Development
Chapter 11: Enforcement
Chapter 12: Compensation
Chapter 13: Planning for Amenities
Chapter 14: Planning for Conservation
Chapter 15: Unfinished Housing Developments
Chapter 16: Related Legislation
Chapter 17: Looking to the Future

1 Schedule of Local Authorities
2 Schedule of Regional Authorities
3 Schedule of European Regulations
4 Schedule of Planning Regulations
5 Schedule of Planning Acts

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