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MANAGING WORKPLACE CONFLICT: Alternative Dispute Resolution in Ireland

Author(s): Paul Teague, William K. Roche, Tom Gormley, Denise Currie
ISBN: 978-1-910393-07-9
Publish Date: 2015/12/02
Pages: 600
Price: €28.00

This book retails at €25.00 and there is an additional charge of €3.00 P&P.


Managing conflict in the workplace is a major challenge for organizations. Growing numbers are responding by introducing various forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). As the pattern of workplace conflict shifts away from collective disputes towards individual grievances, firms and public service organizations have turned to mediation, line managers, arbitration, internal dispute tribunals, facilitation and prevention as alternatives to long-established grievance and dispute procedures, state adjudication agencies and the courts.

This book is the first systematic study of the genesis, operation and outcomes of ADR in Ireland. ADR innovations are examined in the context of long-run changes in the pattern of conflict in the workplace and against the background of commercial and regulatory developments bearing on organizations. The book draws on the views and experiences of HR managers, union officials, mediators and facilitators charged with handling conflict in the workplace and presents a series of detailed case studies of ADR innovations in major private and public sector organizations. Managing Workplace Conflict is a seminal textbook and an indispensable resource for students and professionals working in the growing field.


Preface and Acknowledgements
Author Biographies
Introduction: Innovations in Workplace Conflict Management
Chapter One: The Management of Workplace Conflict: Contrasting Pathways in the Literature
Chapter One: The Management of Workplace Conflict: Contrasting Pathways in the Literature
Chapter Three: Cautious Innovators: HR Managers
Chapter Four: Ambivalent Responses: Trade Union Officials
Chapter Five: Mediation Programmes in Aramark, Bus Éireann and Eircom
Chapter Six: The Search for Informal Conflict Management: The Case of Intel
Chapter Seven: Socializing Conflict out of the Organization: The Case of Medici
Chapter Eight: Employee Engagement and Line Management: The Case of Musgrave
Chapter Nine: An Emerging Conflict Management System at the Central Bank?

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