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Soon after its establishment, the IPA started to develop a series of international relationships making significant contribution to the strengthening of public administrations in developing African economies, notably in Zambia and Tanzania. While these links have been maintained right up to the present, our contribution to public administration internationally has developed over time and our portfolio of international projects has grown significantly. In the early 1990s, the Institute put a sharp focus on assisting Eastern and Central European countries in transforming their public apparatus as part of the EU accession process and has provided numerous capacity building and technical assistance projects for public administration, civil service and sister institutions generally.

Nowadays, the Institute enjoys an excellent reputation for providing technical know how and support to public sector development and reform, thanks to the high quality of our services and the experience of the Irish public service. Many countries in transition and a growing number of emerging economies worldwide have been interested in exploring the experience of Ireland, its successful model of public administration reform and the economic development agenda it followed since the late 80s. The Institute has been much in demand to act as a conduit to this unique expertise and experience.

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